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Website Banner & Hero Section Design

Grab attention instantly with professional hero sections, banners, and sliders. With my front-end development expertise, I create visually stunning graphics that elevate your brand and enhance user engagement.

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About This Gig!!

Capture your audience’s attention the moment they land on your page with a professionally designed hero section, website banner, or slider image. With extensive experience in front-end development, I specialize in creating visually stunning graphics that make your brand unforgettable and boost user engagement.


  • Custom Website Banners: Unique, eye-catching designs tailored to reflect your brand’s identity.
  • Shopify Banners: Optimized for Shopify, these banners enhance your online store’s aesthetic and shopper experience.
  • Hero Section Design: Create a powerful first impression with compelling hero images that draw visitors in.
  • Slider Images: Keep your audience engaged with dynamic sliders that showcase your products or services.

Deep Expertise: Years of front-end development experience, specializing in visual design.
Tailored Solutions: Each design is crafted to meet your specific needs, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your brand.
Engagement Boost: Designed to maximize user interaction and retention from the first second on your site.
Remember, your website has just 4 seconds to make an impact—let’s make every second count! Ready to transform your website’s first impression? Let’s chat and start designing today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Have any Questions about the Gig?

What is the hero section?

A hero image is a large or oversized web banner image that is pinned to the header section of a webpage, usually towards the top of the page. Because of its prominent place in the site’s visual hierarchy, the hero header is often the first thing users see when arriving on a website.

Qualities of a good hero section?

Eye-catching – Clean – Good hierarchy – Good contrast – Branding

What is your work process?

I study all the disclosed brand details and project directions and I design the first draft of your ordered design which I then submit to you for review. After the feedback is received from you, I finalize the design and make the delivery.

What do I need from you?

A brief about the project. – Logo in vector or png format (If you need a logo I have a gig for logo design) – Color choices (If any) – Brand assets (If any/optional) – Pictures you want in the hero (If none, I will simply use good quality stock images) – Texts you want in hero (If any)

What will you receive?

Quality full design – Assets – Customizable design. – Higher visitors to your website – Higher sales.

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