My Role

Hired as a seasoned Full-Stack Web Developer, I took the lead in this websites transformation.

Key Contributions

  • Conducted extensive research into the history and cultural significance of Japanese swordsmithing, immersing myself in the art form’s profound symbolism and the principles of Bushido.
  • Designed a visually stunning website that blended traditional Japanese aesthetics with clean, modern lines, creating a harmonious fusion of old and new.
  • Implemented rich storytelling elements, including detailed descriptions of the swordsmith’s process, the meaning behind each sword’s imagery, and the personal connection forged with every customer.
  • Developed a seamless e-commerce integration that allowed customers to customize their sword’s imagery based on their birth year and Oriental Birth Sign, enhancing the personal connection and exclusivity of each piece.
  • Crafted targeted marketing campaigns that celebrated the art of Japanese swordsmithing, emphasizing the rarity, cultural significance, and personal resonance of Ryukyu Blades’ offerings.



Awaiting on conversion rate results

I would recommend Edward very highly. We have worked together closely to launch our exciting new website at
Edward designed the “customization” features for our products and he was very eager to learn more about our business…and our Japanese Swords,  in his efforts to enhance the shopping experience for our customers.
It is great to work with a web designer who listens carefully to our concerns and makes changes accordingly.
I would definitely recommend Edward to anyone looking to build a site, and we look forward to working closely with “Eddy”  into the future to evangelize our site and to make continued improvements as we develop our business together.
Tony Freed
Ryukyu Blades
Philip Freed


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